Mash-Up #327 Justice League of America vs Savage Dragon

Have Savage Dragon and Superman met up in the real world comics? I have a feeling Dragon would be able to give Supes a run for his money.

Against the whole Justice League, though . . . maybe not.

One thought on “Mash-Up #327 Justice League of America vs Savage Dragon

  1. Yes, yes they did and it was pretty cool actually:

    I just provided the link so you could see the images, but this happened back in the late 90’s. Surprised you didn’t know about this already.

    And no, SD’s really powerful and SUPER tough, but against Superman, and w/o a plot convenient pocketful of Kryptonite, he’d only last so long before the damage racked up and took its toll. He’d probably make a good JL member though.


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