Sunday Reviews

Which asshole wants to cop to dropping a house on us?


With DC full ahead with their Future State initiative that I’ve ducked out of, it’s a week of Image comics for me.


As the Crisis Command faces off with Empathy’s assassin, the deep conspiracy behind the murder steps out of shadows. It won’t be enough just to avenge Empathy’s death: to save the world, the Crisis Command will have to RESURRECT AN IDEA! The first wild arc concludes with a bang!

I’m really enjoying this maxi series from Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto; the writing’s fun and lean, with good dialogue, and the art matches it perfectly. Alternate universes, a multiverse in peril and a handful of heroes trying to stop it – what more can you ask?


Monsters and robots falling from the sky! Mysterious (and familiar??) superheroes joining our intrepid gang on their journey to event ground zero! CROSSOVER continues with the series’ most explosive and shocking issue to date! Don’t miss this one, folks. If you do, it just might drive you…mad.

Now that’s a last page reveal, folks. This series promised guest stars that would surprise you and this issue pays off a hint from the first couple but not in the way you’d expect. Donny Cates cheekily drops in characters from his cancelled-too-soon series PAYBACKS from a few years ago, and amongst the mayhem, still manages to tell a great story.


The mysterious cat wanders further backward in time into an ancient jungle. Ten young sorcerers make camp, but the youngest of the group wanders off in search of a cute little cat.

Charming, I think, is the best word for this series. It was a bit of a gamble – a tale in a fantasy world of a cat who walks through realities and time, and the wizard who finds her – but it’s struggling to find a coherent storyline at the moment. It’s nicely done, though, so not too disappointing.