3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #345 Gunfire vs Kitty Pryde

  1. Idk man, even calling Gunfire “slightly successful” seems to be a bit misleading. Sure, he fared better than Argus and the rest, but any mention of Gunfire inevitably leads to bringing up the 853rd century version that essentially accidently killed himself when he touched his own but and turned into in a live grenade. Good times. How Hitman became THE most successful and enduring character from that whole thing is beyond me, but seems to speak more to the times/era Tommy came out, when gritty vigilantes/killers were rooted more for than regular costumed heroes.

    Anyhoo, yeah Kitty Pryde for the win and for making more than a few wisecracks in his direction after beating the shit out of him.


    1. I think Hitman worked partly because of the humour Ennis injected into the first half of the series, allowing readers to invest in Tommy, to care enough to keep reading as the series headed into more serious territory as it went along.

      That and the Zombie Night at the Gotham Aquarium, still one of the best two-parters ever!

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