Justice League #59 Gets Zack Snyder Inspired Variant Covers

Yeah, because that’s what the world needs – more Zack Snyder grimdark nonsense. Ugh.

Anyway, DC have released a couple of the covers and I couldn’t help but tweak one of them. Here’s what they say will be one of the variants:

That’s way too bright and clear for a Zack Snyder Justice League look, though, so here’s what it would actually look like if he got his hands on it:

Yeah, that’s closer.

4 thoughts on “Justice League #59 Gets Zack Snyder Inspired Variant Covers

  1. Nailed it. I don’t get the love for Synder or his beloved “cut.” The only thing I can chalk it up to is that DC live-action movie fans are so starved for content, they’ll take anything, even deleted scenes from a horrible movie.


      1. It’s probably just me, but I don’t think someone who’s expressed a deeply pessimistic attitude about comic book characters and how much he values sex & violence over substance (and proven it with all his comic book movies) should EVER be allowed to make comic book movies, especially valuable franchises that have existed for well over 70 year, especially prominent ones like the JLA. I liked his Watchmen BECAUSE it was supposed to be dark, not in spite of it. I don’t get the love for his emodark DCU.


      2. I liked 300 and enjoyed Watchmen (despite the sex scene with that god-awful rendition of Hallelujah which he’s now repurposed for the JLA trailer), and I liked the look of Sucker Punch despite the story being way more style over substance. Other than that, pretty much hated everything he’s done from Dawn of the Dead to Batman vs Superman, and especially Man of Steel. Not every superhero film has to follow the Marvel method, but good god, give people some hope and colour, why don’t you.

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