100 Issues Ago November 2012

I’d only had a few tangential dealings with the Damien Wayne Robin and found him to be brash, spoilt and a total loose cannon – everything the late and unlamented Jason Todd had been vilified for, years before – but he was something of a fan favourite for some reason. How times change, I guess.

Still trying to find a way back to Earth-2, Huntress has a run in with the red breasted psycho that uses the name she used back on her home world and she’s shocked to find how careless and callous he is, which is probably why, despite the age and experience difference, he ends up beating her. However, Power Girl arrives and gives him a well-deserved kick in the backside before they decide to team up and work out who has been stealing regularly from Bruce Wayne’s bank account.

The rest of this month was fairly low key; BLUE BEETLE and FIRESTORM were limping along; the GREEN LANTERN titles were getting wrapped up in the Rise of the Third Army storyline; SWAMP THING and FRANKENSTEIN were mired in the slow-moving morass that was Rotworld; and TEEN TITANS was doing . . . something that I can’t remember.

Still mostly DC, with 21 issues this month; GHOST from Dark Horse; the final issue of THE BOYS from Dynamite; and FATALE from Image. Looking back at my records, those sort of numbers wouldn’t change until 2014.

2 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago November 2012

  1. He’s ok in small doses, that’s about it…at least for me. I much prefer the older version Morrison briefly wrote about instead. Definitely has the potential to be a damn good, and probably even more nuanced version of Batman than Bruce.


  2. My reviews on my blog are so far behind they’re basically useless for tracking this. Best guess: Angel & Faith has reached the point they’re ready to actually resurrect Giles, but his body is missing. I guess that could be crucial. Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific is on its penultimate issue.

    DC: I think Green Arrow’s stuck in a team-up with Hawkman. Boooo. Dial H is starting a two issue stretch where David Lapham draws the book, and this is the issue about all the heroes that you really can’t go out in public as, due to being obscene or horrifically racist.

    Marvel: Defenders ended, with a thud. Secret Avengers is on its last legs. Hawkeye’s doing a story where he has to get a faked tape on himself killing the Marvel equivalent of bin Laden. Captain Marvel’s on a two-issue team-up with Monica Rambeau, the best Captain Marvel Marvel had. Daredevil’s in the Coyote story arc still.

    The one new book is Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.’s Captain America. I was really pumped for this, because of the concept of dumping Cap alone into a bizarre alien wasteland (the lone hero in an unfamiliar world thing being something I love in theory). Unfortunately, Remender focused mostly on Cap fighting Arnim Zola rather than exploring “Dimension Z”. I’ll drop this next fall when JRJR leaves the book.


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