Snyder Cut – Initial Reviews

The Beat has some early reactions from viewers of the Snyder Cut of Justice League and the hyperbole is in full flow:

That’s a screenshot, by the way, so don’t bother clicking that button expecting something to play
Yep – another screenshot

But, as The Beat points out, the overflowing praise “seems to come from fans who have been campaigning for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut for the last few years” so they’re bound to be happy – they got what they wanted.

Other, perhaps more professional critics, are not so impressed:

It’s unlikely I’ll see this any time soon – I don’t subscribe to HBO Max (not sure it’s even available here in the UK) so I’ll probably wait until it turns up on Amazon Prime for free in two or three years and then, once I’ve finally washed the bad taste Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman left in my mouth . . . maybe then I’ll watch it.


5 thoughts on “Snyder Cut – Initial Reviews

  1. No offense, but this one felt like a wasted post, ha ha. I don’t get the love for Synder’s work or this so-called Holy Grail of a film cut held in such reverence as Blade Runner and LoTR. If it was soooo good, why did the studio kill it/not allow it to be finished? Probably because they realized they were sold a bad batch of goods despite knowing EXACTLY what they were getting from him.
    I feel as if DC movie fans are so starved for decent content (the animated movies are just lightyears beyond live-action movies in terms of quality) that they eagerly embraced this “mythic” cut. Even going so far as to engage in sacrilege, minimalizing Marvel’s top movie villain, Thanos in comparison to the supposed top movie villain Darkseid…who fans wouldn’t have seen, had this “epic” cut not being made available…for free….but then they’ll turn around and charge to re-watch the same movie, just the extra bits included.
    Much like BVS MoS 2, WW, etc, I have NO intention of watching ANYTHING by Mr. Grimdark Zackpants, especially this dark abortion of a film.
    His work was (debatably) ok and fit the tone of such movies like 300, Watchman and Sucker Punch. But the DC movies? No. HARD, HaRd NO.

    Sorry for the rant when there’s much more important things to rail against in this world right now…but fuck GrimSynder Zackpants regardless…


      1. I mean, to each their own, but I just don’t see the big deal. The fact that Whedon’s name’s been in the news related to this as well as his own issues, has helped keep this “holy grail” of a cut in the public conscience.


  2. The only way I can see myself watching this is if Alex talks me into it, and I’m too bored or sleepy to give a damn. The theatrical release of Justice League didn’t do anything for me, but I’m pretty sure “more Zack Snyder” has never been the correct solution to any problem.


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