2 thoughts on “Untold Tales #378 Stardust vs Supergirl

  1. Idk about you but that whole Matrix Supergirl deal back then was confusing AF, and then Peter David went and complicated it even further by bonding her to an angel. I mean, credit to him for trying something new w/ the character, but a good bit of that still baffled me & probably a good bit of others as well at the time.
    That being said, after looking her up, Stardust’s got this in the bag easily.


    1. The original Matrix – the shape changer – seemed a fairly straightforward way of getting a Supergirl into the post-Crisis DC; still left Superman as the only Kryptonian hero but allowed the fans to have a beloved character back (sort of). The merging with Linda Danvers wasn’t too bad – it gave the character more of a story, more to do, and a background that could be explored, rather than just being a shape changer from another world. When it turned out that Linda/Matrix was an “earthbound angel” that’s when things got too complicated for its own good, I think. Almost seemed like throwing one idea on top of another just to cover up the fact that it wasn’t the “real” Supergirl.

      That said, the collections of Peter David’s run are well worth picking up.

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