7 thoughts on “Mash-Up #235 Black Lightning vs Hellcat

      1. Weirdly he was one of those characters that I became aware of in the 70s as a kid – I’d see his name and logo on comics when I was in shops, but my parents wouldn’t buy them for me so I never read any. Still haven’t to this day, to be honest.


      2. Hmm, interesting. Mileage may vary on those 70’s stories, depending on if you’re a fan or not. The art is pretty good if nothing else, and he was in the Defenders for a bit. His 90’s series is essentially him written as if he was in Vertigo at the time, as the series has very dark in tone, and doesn’t let up once Warren Ellis comes aboard to write it. I did like it myself, as some stories are better than others. There is an omnibus collection of that 90’s series, but it’s very costly. Like 60$ American so almost 65-70 pounds Brexit? Otherwise you can go to readcomiconline.to to read them all.


  1. Jefferson Pierce is a definite step up as a husband from Patsy’s other two exes (her high school crush turned super-villain and the literal Son of Satan).

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