Untold Tales #402 Supreme vs Lord Havok

Despite being a Dr Doom knock-off, I always thought Lord Havok never quite lived up to his potential, whether in his original form, the dictator of Earth-8 pre-New 52, or following that reboot. And certainly not for the five minutes Max Lord was revealed to have been Lord Havok. Best forget that . . .

3 thoughts on “Untold Tales #402 Supreme vs Lord Havok

  1. Must’ve missed that but how awful though. I definitely liked & still do, the whole extremist team. They mad good foils for the League.

    As for Supreme, I liked him at first when I was young teenager, (probably because he was the “cool” Superman that killed) but his overall arrogance and general bad attitude ultimately turned me off.
    Didn’t care for him as much either when Moore decided to go all-in on the Superman comparison and turn him into a further Superman knock-off by going the Silver Age route.
    I know Moore’s not a hack, but that shit wasn’t good. Not even.


    1. I think the best storyline was their first, The Extremist Vector, which pitted them against the JL Europe. Then they became something of a joke in the JLA/JLE Breakdowns crossover, and since then every time they’ve been used, they’ve been pitted as a JL America villain which always annoyed me (as a big fan of the JLE)

      Plus the Earth-8 versions in later years never seem to be anything other than extreme versions of the original characters, which is a little ironic.

      I enjoyed Moore’s Supreme stories as his love letter to Superman and the Silver Age. By that time he knew he’d never get the chance to write Superman again (or more correctly wouldn’t allow himself to do it because, you know, principles) so went full on homage to those stories and that time. Not sure I’ve read anything else with Supreme in it, barring any cameos in other collections I’ve picked up over the years.

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      1. Definitely agree about how far the Extremists’ stock fell after their initial appearances. It was cool to see them briefly pop up in a random episode of JLU though some years back. Definitely a blink and you’ll miss them sort of thing, but it still counts.


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