Untold Tales #402 Supreme vs Lord Havok

Despite being a Dr Doom knock-off, I always thought Lord Havok never quite lived up to his potential, whether in his original form, the dictator of Earth-8 pre-New 52, or following that reboot. And certainly not for the five minutes Max Lord was revealed to have been Lord Havok. Best forget that . . .

Justice League Of America #1


Now 20% as great as it was in the 70s!

I kid, mostly – the new Justice League of America #1 wasn’t bad although some of the dialogue felt forced and the whole “we’re a new team who fight each other more than the bad guys” thing has been done to death.

Nice to see the Extremists again, though, as I don’t think they’ve been around in the DCU since 2008 or so and the whole Countdown thing. They appear to have a couple of new members as well, and Lord Havok seems to be wielding Wandjina’s axe which doesn’t bode well for him. Chances of Silver Sorceress appearing to save the day? Slim, I guess, but we can hope.