Untold Tales #440 Justice League of America vs The Incredible Hulk

It’s the satellite era League trying to hold its own against the Hulk on a rampage, with the heavy hitters or Superman and Wonder Woman nowhere to be seen! Something tells me Red Tornado’s going to end up in pieces again . . .

2 thoughts on “Untold Tales #440 Justice League of America vs The Incredible Hulk

  1. Ok this is a REALLY well-crafted and layed out cover. Between placing the Atom swinging on a disco ball to the way the Hulk is portrayed to be barreling after our soon to be dear demolished Red Tornado.
    I’m not even sure the famous Satellite Era JLA could realistically take down the Hulk, at least if this particular misadventure isn’t featuring Firestorm, Flash, GL, WW, MM, & Superman. That era’s Batman & Aquaman wouldn’t be much use compared to later modern incarnations. And Dinah & Ollie might as well be off watching this whole thing from the sidelines.
    Of course I could be wrong.


    1. Yeah, I was pleased with how this one came out, especially the placement of Hulk and Hawkman.

      And I agree – if the big hitters aren’t around, Red Tornado’s definitely going to end up in pieces. Again.

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