It’s Underway!

The return of my graphic novels, that is. Spent yesterday building the first of two bookcases to hold my graphic novels, with three more to go.

Oh, and there’s no way they’ll stay in that disordered, random layout – I see a weekend of alphabetising and cataloguing in my near future . . . at least when all the others are back from storage.

5 thoughts on “It’s Underway!

  1. Looking respectfully at that Who’s Who Omnibus, ha ha. Is that just the entire 85’/86′ collection or is it every Who’s Who’s that was ever published?


    1. It’s the original 24 issues, then the 87 and 88 updates, then a bunch of the one off pages that were included in annuals in 89.

      As it clearly states it’s Vol 1, I’m hoping for a second volume with the loose leaf 90s version that I never had.

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