Round-Up September 2021

SILVER CITY continues to be a good read about what happens after death, but the big thing for Aftershock this month is the final issue of BABYTEETH that was long delayed but finally arrives – and it’s an odd one. There’s a big time jump which I don’t normally hold with, but at the same time, the pay off works, I think. Sad to see it end.

It’s BLACK HAMMER all the way from Dark Horse – the VISIONS miniseries ends on a great story while REBORN and UNBELIEVABLE UNTEENS both continue with solid story telling, though the art on UNTEENS doesn’t really work for me, if I’m honest.

Bit of a bumper month for DC, helped by two issues of INFINITE FRONTIER and a GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL. BLUE AND GOLD is good fun, glad I picked that up, and SWAMP THING steadily continues on its course, but the best series was definitely INFINITE FRONTIER, though I have to wonder why Darkseid is just wearing briefs on the cover of #6?

Despite the cover and the title, there’s actually been no element of DEJAH THORIS VS JOHN CARTER so far. INVINCIBLE RED SONJA, despite the delay, is working well, though I was unhappy to hear the news that Amanda Conner is stepping down as co-writer after #6, and artist Moritat is leaving after that issue as well, as they were both big draws for me buying this title.

COMMANDERS IN CRISIS comes to an end, wrapping up twelve splendid issues that would be worth tracking down in a trade if you didn’t get the singles. GEIGER sneakily goes about world building with plans for a series focusing on another character next year, as well as some history that was dropped almost surreptitiously. Nicely played, Mr Johns. And INKBLOT is still enjoyable despite being random as all hell!

3 thoughts on “Round-Up September 2021

  1. I too was saddened by Black Hammer: Visions ending, but a hell of a good story to end on though. I’d personally love to see more of the Horseless Rider. Nice twist at the end with the old guy being his son instead of being the Rider himself that I initially thought it was.
    I actually like the art on Undead Teens myself though. I like how the nice little tricks & special fx they use to make the pages look unique. Very into it the series as a whole & I’m curious how it all ends.

    I did unexpectedly enjoy Infinite Frontier though. Very solid stuff. Need to read Blue & Gold and catch up on Superman & The Authority as well.

    Definitely need to check out CIC and I’m still waiting for the latest issue of Crossover.


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