100 Issues Ago July 2013

It took them the best part of two years since the New 52 launch before DC headed into a big event, and this was the run up to it.

Trinity War featured Pandora in a prominent role, the woman who (at the time) was the apparent creator of the New 52, not that any of the other characters realised that, and she’s looking for someone pure of heart who can open the box she carries, which is fashioned into a three eyed skull. Figuring Superman is the purest (because she’s never read UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED) she has him open it, only to see him freak out and nearly turn evil. When Captain Marvel – sorry, Shazam – heads to Khandaq, the League head off to ensure no diplomatic issues flare up. In turn, the newly formed and run by Amanda Waller Justice League of America follow them in to get the first League to leave. Misunderstandings occur and tempers rise and before you know it, Superman is seen apparently killing Dr Light.

There’s other stuff going on with Madame Xanadu suffering an assassination attempt, and the Secret Society working in the background, but that’s the crux of it.

For me, Trinity Way works better than the forthcoming FOREVER EVIL even though some of it seems a bit forced, not least the inclusion of Pandora McGuffin.

Elsewhere, Trinity War continued this month in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA; Jonah Hex was still running around modern day Gotham in ALL-STAR WESTERN; PANDORA received her own title; and the usually pretty good DEMON KNIGHTS continued it’s run with Vandal Savage and a bunch of giants turning up.

Outside of the seventeen issues from DC, it was FATALE (still excellent) and DAWN: THE SWORDMASTER’S DAUGHTER AND OTHER STORIES from Image.

6 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago July 2013

  1. I can’t believe it’s already been over 10 years since the Phew52 stained DC like it did. Ooof.
    I did like the Forever Evil story line, but more so because how of prominent the Criminal Syndikate was featured and as you know, I’m a HUGE fan of the CSA, so that was an easy way of grabbing my attention. Shame nothing more was made of the promise it held, especially of the CSA potentially killing off Nightwing.


  2. I’m not sure how I feel when writers do the bit about most pure and Superman (or Captain America at Marvel) fail. On the one hand, there’s no reason it has to be them. Could be some random shoemaker on in some little town. But it feels kind of important to the universe that it is Superman.

    As for me, nothing new at Marvel. Avengers Arena, Captain America (Romita Jr. is doing less of the art as we go along), Captain Marvel, Daredevil, X-Men. Hawkeye skipped a month (an increasingly common thing going forward), but shipped an Annual drawn by Javier Pulido about Kate Bishop getting crosswise of Madame Masque. It’s fine, allowing for me not caring that much about Kate Bishop particularly.

    Outside that, Atomic Robo, Katana, Dial H, and Angel & Faith.


    1. Could be some random shoemaker on in some little town.

      I guess the thinking is that if it’s not the big hero, then what makes them special? I do remember that story in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA where some nobody was the most important person in the world and some aliens wanted to take him away. Was that an Element X type story…?

      {Goes and looks it up}

      This is the one I meant.


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