Random Retrospective #13 – Nailbiter #28

Joshua Williamson’s NAILBITER was one of those Image titles I took a punt on – a town called Buckaroo which had spawned whole slew of serial killers under mysterious circumstances and an investigation that just turned up more questions than answers? That absolutely called to me and I’m glad I took a chance as the 30 issue run more than proved its worth.

By #28, we were fast approaching the denouement, where we would expect to get all the answers and have everything tied up in a bow, but before that, there was a whole boatload of crap to deal with, like a new killer attacking Sheriff Crane, forcing her daughter Alice (who’s father turns out to be the titular Nailbiter) to defend herself against the scissor wielding loon:

Elsewhere, one of the Buckaroo Butchers, as the serial killers are called, has returned to the town with apparently altruistic intent, opening a chain of murder stores where the proceeds of sales will be channelled back to the town. The main villain of the piece, The Butcher, has different plans, though, and has wired the extensive tunnel network beneath Buckaroo with explosives.

And there goes the neighbourhood.

Alice and her mom are in the hospital by this point and as the explosions devastate the town, Alice wheels her mother out on her hospital bed, stopping (and very reluctantly) to rescue her previously injured father, the Nailbiter. Trouble is, The Butcher is there as well and manages to capture them all amidst the devastation.

I really enjoyed NAILBITER and if you haven’t read it, I recommend it.

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