5 thoughts on “Untold Tales #572 Green Lantern and The Atom

  1. I remember as a young kid being mesmerized by the cover of a random issue of POTA I saw in a comic book store once. I believe it was POTA#15:

    Anyhoo had they pair teenaged Ray and young Kyle back then, that’d have definitely made for an interesting & fun experiment.


      1. It really is, put it does it’s job to grab your attention. It certainly did mine enough to make me still remember it to this day.


      2. Ha ha! Could her twin terrors be any more prominent? lol. I had #50 myself despite not buying the rest of the chapters to this. Loved so many scenes here, like Aquaman faking being chained up only to smash Sonar or when Ralph realized Sue’s real ring meant the opposite because he had given her a fake ring instead to symbolize their love. I’ll never forgive Meltzer for doing what he did to Ralph & Sue. That whole thing never needed to happen. Also, hate to say it, because of what a piece of true cum he turned out to be, but Jones was a very solid writer back then, and did a very good job taking over from Giffen.


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