7 thoughts on “Untold Tales #587 Superman and Firestorm

  1. Ok now I’m curious to see how this would all play out. Especially making it weirder & more awkward is Prof. Stein being stuck in Ronnie’s head, forced to watch all this go down, much like how he was when Ronnie hit on PG (And honestly who wouldn’t?) and seeing him strike out hard.

    As for being weird, well maybe the Earth-2 version of PG?

    I’ll tell you what though, Ronnie may be covering up those guns of his in those big, puffy sleeves, but her certainly doesn’t hide the fact that he NEVER skips leg day, that’s for damn sure.


  2. Ronnie looks like he’s really enjoying Superman’s shock and betrayal. “Oh Kal, so dramatic.”

    I didn’t Firestorm had taken his shot with Power Girl, but I’m surprised he still has his teeth. At least Wally had the advantage of being fast enough to run away when he was making a lot of unwise and unprofessional comments back in the JLE days.

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    1. Yeah, I think it was mostly the JSA/JLA annual team ups in the Satellite era where Firestorm tried hooking up with Power Girl; not sure it ever got referenced in his own title or anywhere else. Think they decided to remain just friends,

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