Random Retrospective #38 – Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #11

I love a good WHO’S WHO book which is why I found the entire run of this series in a second hand book store years and years ago and snapped them all up in one go. One or two of the issues are a little worse for wear but by and large they’re in good condition and they’ve been a great reference source over the years. The massive Omnibus version that DC brought out in 2021 (with the second volume due any time now) has reprinted the lot.

So with no story to recap, here’s my three random, favourite entries from this issue:

The original Infinity Inc made up of the sons, daughters, and erstwhile carry ons of some of Earth-2’s greatest heroes. At the time of writing, I think only Jade and Obsidian are still active and that’s only recently since the whole Rebirth/DOOMSDAY CLOCK/DARK NIGHTS METAL things.

If I were the Tattooed Man I would so be suing the tattooist who did that to me. I mean a butterfly covering my whole face? Really?

I enjoyed the mini-series that introduced us to Jonni Thunder on the whole, but the villain being called “Red Nails” because she had red-painted fingernails is some of the laziest writing ever.

One thought on “Random Retrospective #38 – Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #11

  1. I’m not sure why, but I always have favored DC’s Who’s Who over Marvel’s Official handbook. Maybe I was exposed to Who’s Who first or just personally enjoyed the illustrations, characters I’d never been seen before or just the format of the whole thing. Probably all of the above. I really first got into collecting Who’s Who’s issues in the early 90’s (93 or 94) when I found a decent number of various issues at a second hard store of sorts, some in consecutive order, so some not, and enjoyed them all. Even with the initial series being almost 40 years out of date considering the crazy amount of reboots since, I still think the concept holds up & should be brought back again for the benefit of new readers, potential readers, and old readers like myself.

    I don’t think I had a particular favorite entry, but I did prefer the letter editions I had at the time, like the A’s, B’s, C’d, D’s, V’s, S’s, etc.

    Jonni Thunder could & should make a come back. There’s always room for her. Same for the Negative Woman, who was basically DC’s version of the Black Widow. Both should be allowed to return.


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