Dawn Of DC: Some Speculation

The last couple of issues of DC titles have included the graphic above that, at face value, simply shows which new series are being launched and in which order. I’m actually looking forward to buying a GREEN ARROW ongoing again for the first time since the dreadful New 52 launch made me lose all interest in that character for . . . well, just over ten years to be honest.

Over at Popverse, they’ve got a good look at a slightly obscured part of that picture and are suggesting a new DC event or later this year, possibly called Knight Terrors, and probably Batman-centric.

With that said, I haven’t really seen any news site or blog make any real mention of those dotted tentacles that have been running the length of the pages, nor the fact that there’s clearly a now half visible skull in the background.

What bad guy uses a skull motif and tentacles?

Sure, Brainiac’s not a Batman villain, but that’s who I’ve been thinking of, ever since I saw those tentacles.

3 thoughts on “Dawn Of DC: Some Speculation

  1. It kinda has to be Brainiac doesn’t it? I could be wrong but he didn’t last show up during Convergence? If so, it’s certainly been awhile then since he’s shown his face. Also, Batman V Brainiac definitely sounds like a solid premise & fight because how often have you seen just them one on one matching wits against each other.


    1. I think CONVERGENCE was his last big appearance; the green skinned version has appeared throughout the Snyder JUSTICE LEAGUE/Doom storyline, but the tentacle-ship/android version, I don’t think we’ve seen for a while.

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