3 thoughts on “Untold Tales #697 Nightwing vs Judo Master

  1. Very interested to see who’d win here, but I’m not sure, in service to the story being told, since they’re both good guys, that we’d see a definitive answer.

    Btw, not sure if you watched the Peacemaker series or not, but a version of Judomaster is featured in the show, for hilarious comedic effect of course.


    1. I think there would be a face off leading to an almost standstill before they turn the tables on the bad guys, avoiding answering the question of which one is better. Comics, eh?

      Haven’t seen Peacemaker though have heard good things about it.

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      1. Probably, yeah. You definitely should when you have the time. Just be prepared that Gunn’s versions of Peacemaker & Vigilante are NOT at all like their comic versions.


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