DC’s March 2020 Solicitations

I’ve had a fondness for Adam Strange – he’s one of those classic characters that seems to keep popping up and while there’s a few tweaks to his appearance, most of the time you can rest assured that it’s still Adam Strange.

Sadly, the solicit for STRANGE ADVENTURES starring Mr Strange doesn’t really grab me. I didn’t read MR MIRACLE by Tom King, but I did try HEROES IN CRISIS and ditched it after the second issue; I’ve also read his OMEGA MEN story and have problems with his characterisation of Kyle Rayner so this new series by King wasn’t exactly going to be at the top of my list, but this bit in the solicit made my mind up:

A story like no other, Strange Adventures is an ambitious, thrilling, shocking, and beautiful 12-issue saga that will push Adam Strange to the breaking point—and beyond!

Another hero that needs to be pushed and broken, eh? No thanks.

AQUAMAN #58 – “Mera lies comatose following the birth of her child” – because Cthulhu forbid anyone has a normal delivery.

THE GREEN LANTERN SEASON TWO #2 – “But when an invasion from the dawn of time strikes the planet, can Hal stop…the Ornitho-Men?!” – I’m assuming someone’s already tracked down the obscure 1960s issue of GREEN LANTERN that first featured these guys?

And the woman in the cage – is that Olivia Reynolds back in the pages of GL?

HAWKMAN #22 – “Hawkwoman, Adam Strange, and the Atom have trapped Sky Tyrant and desperately work to find a cure for their beloved friend Carter Hall’s Dark Multiverse infection.” – I’m enjoying Robert Venditti’s work on HAWKMAN, and hey look, Adam Strange hasn’t yet been pushed beyond breaking point!

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #21 – “Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp, and special guest star Animal Man fend off a horde of monstrous Rot-infected creatures—but risk contamination with every soul they save!” I remember the Rot from the New 52’s SWAMP THING and ANIMAL MAN crossover and how slowly that story progressed. Hopefully things will be better in JLD.

THE TERRIFICS #26 – “A bold new direction for The Terrifics begins here!” – words that always make me twitchy, but at least this new direction is being written by current TERRIFICS writer Gene Luen Yang who has ably continued the run started by Jeff Lemire.

Outside of those and the handful of other ongoings I get, there’s nothing there to tempt me.

New INVASION Crossover . . . Later This Year?!

What the hell is going on here? I read DC’s September 2019 solicitations on the weekend and found this:

backup story written by JEFF LEMIRE
backup story art by JEFF LEMIRE
variant cover by JEFF LEMIRE
The citizens of Dangerfield, Arizona, are beset by strange goings-on after the “Invasion” that rocked the DC Universe, but only five misfit kids seem to notice them. Can they uncover what’s happening before some sinister force collects them all? Find out in this new miniseries!
And in the backup feature with story and art by Jeff Lemire, the Peacemaker is on a top-secret mission from Checkmate and Amanda Waller to find a mysterious weapon before the Russians can.

Not only is this a new 12 issue limited series by Keith Giffen and Jeff Lemire (two of my favourite writers) but it’s a tie-in to the INVASION! series that Giffen wrote in the late 80s! A crossover thirty years in the making, people!

Man, I really need to finish the INVASION! annotations . . .

Lex’s Right Hand Man

New DC December solicitations are out and the two covers of Doomsday Clock #2 are revealed:

I’m not recognising the costume on the left – the black and white socks/leggings, the black corset with the red buttons and frilled collar. The only things that’s springing to mind is the Harlequin but I’m not convinced. The Nostalgia bottles and case in the bag labelled ….NITE aren’t clues either.

But on the left, his hand resting on Lex’s right shoulder? That’s clearly the armband of Ozymandias and as the solicitation says

DC and Watchmen characters collide at last!

it seems likely that at least one other Watchmen character besides Dr Manhattan is making their way to the DCU. Which makes me wonder if this bit of the solicitation:

And killer clowns trek through Gotham seeking a madman.

is referring to Rorschach – is he the madman?

Image’s December Solicitations

I’m getting a darn sight more Image titles than I was this time two years ago when I used to blog so it seems only fair that as I looked at DC’s yesterday, I have a look at Image’s December solicitations today.

Birthright #12


Birthright #12 – really been enjoying this from issue #1. I think me and three other people liked Josh Williamson’s work on the quickly cancelled New 52 series Voodoo, and it was on the strength of that and the premise of Brithright #1 that I gave it a go. Haven’t regretted it since.

Black Magick #3

Black Magick #3 – at the time of writing, #1 hasn’t landed in my local comic shop but I’ve high hopes for this. And hey, Nicola Scott art is always a winner.

East Of West – not one I’m getting in the monthlies but I picked up the first trade a few weeks ago just because it looked interesting (faux-Wild West with apocalyptic overtones gets me every time!) and I’ve got the second trade to read soon.

Goddamned #2

The Goddamned #2 – another series where issue #1 hasn’t arrived yet but I have hopes for.

Basic CMYK

Mythic #7 – John McCrea art and Phil Hester writing; this is shaping up to be really good.

Nailbiter #18

Nailbiter #18 – the other Josh Williamson title I get which is even better than Birthright.

Conspicuous by their absence was Copperhead (possibly my favourite Image title at the moment) and Rasputin.