DC’s May 2021 Solicitations

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art and cover by: Todd Nauck

Legendary comics writer Geoff Johns returns to his breakthrough hero, Stargirl, in this special one-shot illustrated by Todd Nauck!

Courtney Whitmore’s spring break plans aren’t like your average high schooler’s. Instead of hanging out with friends, she’s heading out on an adventure with her stepfather, Pat Dugan, a.k.a. S.T.R.I.P.E., and teaming up with his former team, the Seven Soldiers of Victory! The Soldiers are forced to reunite again to unearth the secret eighth Soldier of Victory, but what other secrets lie buried, and what does it all mean for Courtney’s future as Stargirl?

Geoff Johns back with Stargirl and roping in the Seven Soldiers? I’m there, without question.

Written by: Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Miguel Mendonca
Cover by: Darick Robertson

Once the most powerful group in the world, the Justice League was destroyed by tragedy and time, disbanding under a veil of mistrust and anger. Now, on the eve of the universe’s greatest murder trial, the League must come together one last time…but can Superman and Batman bury the past before the cosmos’s greatest villains bury them?

Learn the shocking truth in this new digital-first adventure by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Miguel Mendonça!

If want to see heroes fighting each other, I’ll read Marvel. Or something by Tom King. This is a pass from me, despite me being a League fan.

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Gary Frank and Jon Sibal
Cover by: Gary Frank

Harvey Dent is dead. Or is he?

A gang of thieves thrusts Gotham City into a state of fear when they are mysteriously well-armed with military-grade weapons: flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and even tanks. And this gang claims it is funded by none other than former district attorney Harvey Dent.

Balancing his two lives, Bruce Wayne must find the truth by tapping his growing network of agents, including Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, Waylon “Killer Croc” Jones, and the savvy new Catwoman.

Bruce is distracted by the seemingly impossible return of another figure believed dead: his grandfather Adrian Arkham. He must also comfort his longtime friend, Gotham City mayor Jessica Dent, who is scarred both physically and mentally from her experience with the Riddler, which resulted in the gruesome death of her brother. But is Harvey back, plotting revenge on a city he proclaims to be guilty?When Batman discovers the truth behind these many mysteries, his entire world unravels…

I really enjoyed the first two BATMAN: EARTH ONE books and will be picking this up, but will probably wait six months or so until the paperback version is released.

written by ANDY SCHMIDT
backup story art by BRYAN HITCH
cover by DAVID FINCH

With the Crime Syndicate’s forces combined for the first time, seeds are sown to change the world forever. But before that can happen, Ultraman, Superia, Johnny Quick, Atomica, and Emerald Knight must survive a final battle with the biggest Starro of them all—and each other! Plus: Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor makes his debut!

Question of the month: On Earth-3, are Starros friends or foes? And in the backup story, witness the origin of Superwoman in tale illustrated by superstar artist Bryan Hitch!

Looking forward to this series starting, though I’m wondering why it’s “Superia” in the main description, but “Superwoman” in the origin back-up? One of these days, by the way, I’m going to do a series of posts on the various versions of the Crime Syndicate, just you wait . . .


A Guardian of the Universe lies dead, and the universe teeters on the brink of war. As the summit of the United Planets and the Green Lantern Corps falls into chaos, an even bigger threat looms. With John Stewart reassigned to the role of an ambassador, a surprise appearance by one of the newest Green Lanterns may be all that stands between the Corps and oblivion. (Spoiler: it’s Far Sector’s Jo Mullein.)

The Corps are back and there’s not a sign of an “Ultrawar” or “Cosmic Grail” in sight. I’m really hoping that this story is back to basics with the Corps dealing with actual villains rather than cool sounding ideas that are thrown at the page to see what sticks.

art and cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
backup story written by RAM V
backup story art by XERMANICO

The new Justice League is trapped on a world devastated by a super-powered war, and Brutus hungers for a new home of his own—our Earth! With their powers gone haywire, the League must fight their way out of a post apocalyptic Thunderdome of depravity and desperation. On the run with Batman, Naomi learns more dark secrets of her birth world’s broken legacy, while Hawkgirl and Black Canary battle through the henchmen trenches. But where are Superman and Black Adam, and what kind of trouble is Aquaman in? (Hint: it’s bad.)

And in the Justice League Dark story, Ragman joins the hunt! Zatanna, Constantine, Etrigan, and Detective Chimp hit the books—literally—in a possessed library, as Merlin’s plan takes shape before them…and spells doom for the universe.

I’m still cautiously optimistic about Bendis taking on the League – I heard good things about his Avengers run so hope he can do the same here, massive amounts of dialogue notwithstanding. And hey, Ragman gets to join the JL Dark! Haven’t seen him in a while.

written by RAM V
art and cover by MIKE PERKINS

Reeling from his battle with the Pale Wanderer, Levi Kamei seeks the true nature of his transformations. And what better place to find his roots than the heart of the Green itself? There, he and Jennifer will encounter the realm’s many denizens, including one known as Holland and…Poison Ivy? Who will aid Levi and who will harm him? If he is to pull Jennifer and himself back to the real world, Levi will need all the help he can get to tame the Swamp Thing running wild within.

Poison Ivy clearly plays a part in this issue – wasn’t she meant to take over the protectorate of the Green role after the dreadful HEROES IN CRISIS? Didn’t she die there but was going to be reborn? I ditched that horrible series after issue #2 so am only going on half-remembered scraps read on the internet at the time.

written by KEITH GIFFEN

In the aftermath of “Our Worlds at War,” Sgt. Rock—now a general—is back in action to lead the Suicide Squad to victory, or to death. But can the new Squad’s leader come up with a plan to take on a biological weapon that’s gone out of control?

Uncover who is really behind this new Suicide Squad in these tales. Can Rock’s hastily formed team of Deadshot, Killer Frost, Major Disaster, Reactron, and Blackstarr stop trying to kill each other long enough to prevent the end of our entire planet as we know it?

Collects Suicide Squad #1-12 (2001).

I remember saying a couple of years ago when the first twelve issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE TASK FORCE were collected, that I couldn’t think of a series less likely to get the trade paperback treatment. And now this . . .

Don’t get me wrong, I own and enjoyed this series despite a lot of fans hating it because it wasn’t John Ostrander’s Squad – but I’m still surprised that this has been collected.

4 thoughts on “DC’s May 2021 Solicitations

  1. I am too, even though I enjoyed the shit out of that 1st issue. The art style was all wrong for the tone of the story though.

    Idk who you heard “good things” about Bendis’ Avengers run, but you probably misheard, ha ha.
    Basically it was a mixed bag, more bad than good, that was mostly centered around a bunch of pages of certain team members sitting around talking. He’s only really remembered for being that “Avengers Disassembled” guy and coming after that horrendously shit run by Chuck Austin (also known, infamous actually, for his god awful shit run on X-Men)

    Ragman should’ve been on the team a long time ago, but better late than never I guess. Personally, I’d throw Black Orchid and The Creeper on there as well.

    I’ll read the Crime Syndikate one since I’m a sucker and hardcore Crime Syndikate fan.


    1. I am too, even though I enjoyed the shit out of that 1st issue. The art style was all wrong for the tone of the story though.

      Which one are you referring to here?

      I genuinely thought Bendis was well-thought of for the Avengers stuff; I think I picked up one, maybe two of the trades years back but they were out of order so I didn’t know what was going on. And yeah, I’m aware of his penchant for heroes talking a lot!

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      1. The 1st issue of that Giffin Suicide Squad. The art by Paco Medina, which is on the cartoonish, animated side of styles, didn’t fit the dark tone of the book.


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