Back To Three Times A Week

I dropped the Mash-Ups to twice a week a couple of months ago to allow me more time to work on the annotations side of things. Then Mrs Earth-Prime and I decided to move house which meant all my comics being put in to storage. And then the whole virus lockdown thing started so we’re in limbo with no idea when we’ll move and I’ll be able to get my comics.

So with that in mind, it’s back to three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – for the Mash-Ups.

More Three Jokers Art – And A Chance For A Classic Story To Be Mentioned

The long-awaited (by some) BATMAN: THREE JOKERS story has been given a new release date of August 25 (hey, that’s my birthday!) and DC has released some new art, including this page:

Artist Jason Fabok is clearly channelling his best Brian Bolland there, but one panel leapt out at me:

If Batman, Robin and Batgirl are wandering around the Gotham Aquarium, just please let one of them mention this, even in passing:

That would make me and Mrs Earth-Prime very happy.

It’s Not That Sort Of Blog

Regular readers know that I occasionally dip into the spam filter on this blog and talk about some of the weird stuff that (usually) bots try to post as comments on the blog.

Every now and then, I take a look at the search history too, trying to get a handle on what brings people to my little corner of the web. This last week or so, the usual things have appeared in the Search Terms list:

Certainly the top four is what I would hope would bring people here – where else are you going to find such a good selection of variant covers of the Death of Supergirl? And I think you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone else who’s taken the time to annotate that most revered of DC crossovers, BLOODLINES.

But there was one a little further down the list that made me chuckle. I know that there are sites out there that cater to this sort of thing – Rule 34, anybody? – but you won’t be finding it here, is all I’m saying.

Nope, move along, nothing to see here.