Comixology Sale

I’ve never been a big fan of this whole Black Friday thing – I’m sorry to my American readers, but it’s another example of the UK hanging on to the coat-tails of our friends across the pond and making otherwise sensible people rush to stores at ungodly hours in order to pick up things that they may not actually want just because the price has been reduced.

That said, Comixology have a Black Friday sale where a whole bunch of graphic novels have been massively reduced. So I put on my Hat of Hypocrisy to drown out my own conscience and bought . . .

Batman/The Flash: The Button – with Doomsday Clock #1 landing this week, I thought it was the perfect time to pick up (and read – man, it’s a fast read) this almost prequel where Reverse Flash meets his end (again) and it became as clear as possible that Dr Manhattan was meddling with the DCU.

Harley’s Little Black Book – I’ve been picking up the trades of Harley’s main series and if this is anywhere near as much fun, I’ll look forward to reading it.

Trinity of Sin – damn you, spur of the moment! For reasons that escape me, I actually bought the Pandora series that promised (and failed) to explain why she was so important to the creation of the New 52, but didn’t bother with this series that only lasted for six issues.

Watchmen Noir – and bringing it full circle, I picked up another version of Watchmen, this one the black and white version which, having read the first half dozen or so pages, looks absolutely gorgeous.

Each of the above was a mere £2.99; there’s plenty of other stuff in there that I might be tempted to as well.

You know, if I were one of those people who liked to pick up things that they may not actually want just because the price has been reduced . . .


New Models

I’ve made a new sketch for Justice League Day on Saturday – took a little longer for two reasons: first, it has eighteen pictures in it, and second, I had to create some new models in SketchUp.

The previous ones I’ve done have had the figures in place but any hair (Superman and Commissioner Gordon) or masks (Batman and Calendar Man) have been hand drawn once I’ve taken a screen shot and dropped it into my image software. Sometimes it’s looked okay, other times not so much.

This really came home when I started the new scene with Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman. I was happy with the figures themselves but when I tried drawing on the masks and hair, this was the result:

Wonder Woman’s hair isn’t too bad, but Cyborg’s helmet (stop sniggering at the back) and especially Flash’s mask just look awful, and I would have had to draw each of those elements multiple times from multiple angles.

So many hours later (seriously – Mrs Earth-Prime hardly saw me last week) I’d played around in SketchUp, learning from my first attempt at Batman’s cowl (which you’ll see in the completed sketch on Saturday) and ended up with this:

which I’m much happier with.

Still need to work on Flash’s mask, and Wonder Woman’s hair is just a bit lifeless, but it’s better than my hand drawing.