More Ads Updated

I’ve updated another handful of pages with ads for the various series:

  • Armageddon 2001 gets a new ad here
  • Bloodlines gets four new ads here
  • Countdown has enough new ads to get its own page here
  • Final Crisis gets a new ad here

As I’m reviewing a ton more comics, I have no doubt I’ll be updating more over the coming weeks.


More Site Updates

Crazy, stupid busy in work this last week or so until today when the “Beast from the East” brought snow to my part of the UK and sent everyone home. Seriously, for the first time ever, my place of work announced it was closing at mid-day – not only that, but it wouldn’t open until this Monday coming!

So, what’s a middle aged man to do with an unexpected snow day if not upload a few more pictures?

  • Found a few more Eclipso ads and updated that page
  • Found another Zero Hour ad and updated that one
  • Found my first, and so far only Underworld Unleashed ad so have put that on the UU homepage

Site Updates

Having had a few spare hours at the start of the week, I took the opportunity to add a couple of bits and pieces to the annotations side of the site.

  • Updated the Eclipso House Ads page
  • Updated the Zero Hour House Ads page
  • Updated the Crisis on Infinite Earths House Ads page
  • And created a new page with a few notes on how the original Crisis on Infinite Earths was viewed and referenced after the Crisis

Pretty soon I hope to start on the Millennium annotations.