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Back in 2007 I obviously had way too much time on my hands as I decided to annotate the then-current DC Comics series INFINITE CRISIS. I’d been a fan of DC since a teenager and had always enjoyed annotations and behind the scenes stuff, the stories behind stories which is why one of my favourite sites on the internet way back in the late 90’s was Jonathan Woodward’s page which annotated CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

At around the same time, Google launched their Page Creator tool to easily create websites. Using that, I created a site taking Woodward’s page as my inspiration and set about annotating INFINITE CRISIS, borrowing some of his conventions and layouts.

That was enough fun for me that I later did the same thing with both FINAL CRISIS and then BLACKEST NIGHT. After those, I looked at my comic collection and thought about the previous events that DC had done in years past – everything from ARMAGEDDON 2001 to ZERO HOUR.

And then I thought about doing my own annotations to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and the next thing you know, I had another site featuring older series.

I’d been meaning to review and update those sites over the last year or two but instead have decided to bring them all here into a new, single place and then add to them. At the same time, I plan to revive my blog (from which this site gets its name) here as well so I’ll be back to babbling about comics again, not just the annotations.

If you find something that’s incorrect in the annotations, use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page.

Hope you enjoy the site and, if you want to, you can donate via my page at Buy Me A Coffee.

All content in this site is copyright to the relevant authors/artists/companies and no ownership by me is implied except for my original content and commentary. This is a fan-made, not for profit site.

4 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Hi there, I have found your annotations quite helpful especially for infinite crisis. I was wondering if you had ever thought of doing annotations for The History of the DC Universe which came out in 1986. There are some characters featured their that I have never seen before and was wondering if you had any idea who they were.


    1. Hi – glad the site’s been useful for you.

      Hadn’t considered History of the DCU as my intention is to cover the more traditional summer crossovers. That being said, History… was seen as a companion piece to Crisis on Infinite Earths so I could do it as an add to that.

      I’m working through the Eclipso event at the moment but will do History… after that.


  2. Hey, wasn’t able to find a contact form but i have a correction about your final crisis annotations. in issue 4 you list the metal men and credit Copper as a miscoloured platinum. they’re all in their looks from the post 52 metal men series which featured copper. slightly amusing given that in the giffen metal men her entire deal is being forgotten by everyone.


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