Thanks For The Spoiler, CBR!

I catch up on most of my comic/film/TV news via the Feedly feed reader – screw Twitter and Facebook, I’m happy with RSS.

One of the sites I subscribe to – and which has been pissing me off lately – is Comic Book Resources, or CBR. Not only do their articles contain annoying auto play videos, but it seems a large proportion of their articles are simply lists, usually made up of 15 items like this little beauty:


Doesn’t that just make you want to read that article?

As you can see, the first few lines of the article get included in my feed reader. Most headlines tend to avoid the inclusion of spoilers and, if I notice something – particularly about an upcoming episode of a show I’m watching –┬áthat sounds like it might give something away, I can usually skim over it.

What I can’t avoid though is spoilers in the text like this (text redacted because, you know, spoilers, right?!)


I was saddened to hear of Bill Paxton’s death and it makes sense that he’s going to feature in comic related news, but to include a bloody great spoiler in that first line was just pointless – the line I’ve left showing, beginning with “According to…” could easily have been the start of the article; there was no need to include that first bit.

Thanks, CBR, for dropping a spoiler on me and – I assume – others who want to avoid knowing what’s coming up.

My only comfort comes from my increasingly shocking memory which means by the time the episode referenced in that article airs in the UK, I’ll probably have forgotten about it.

Superhero TV In The UK

Based here in the UK, there’s sometimes a wait for the US shows to come over. Agents of SHIELD has or is about to start in the US but here, we’re still waiting; Gotham has started its second series in the colonies but nothing here yet; Agent Carter won’t be around until next year; and as of this writing, no network’s picked up Ash vs Evil Dead.

Thankfully Flash is up and running (sorry) and I’m thoroughly enjoying that, particularly with the introduction of Jay Garrick and Earth-2 and this Thursday sees the start of the new Supergirl series which I have high hopes for, if only because it might thumb its nose at the grim, depressing Man of Steel film and its attendant universe.


All told, it’s not a bad time to be a comic fan on TV.