Untold Tales #564 Wonder Woman vs Hitman

It’s not often I get the opportunity to mash together two covers by the same artist, so this one’s a bit of a treat. And there’s a little Easter Egg in there for long-time readers as well.

Oh, and the line of text comes from one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands.

More Three Jokers Art – And A Chance For A Classic Story To Be Mentioned

The long-awaited (by some) BATMAN: THREE JOKERS story has been given a new release date of August 25 (hey, that’s my birthday!) and DC has released some new art, including this page:

Artist Jason Fabok is clearly channelling his best Brian Bolland there, but one panel leapt out at me:

If Batman, Robin and Batgirl are wandering around the Gotham Aquarium, just please let one of them mention this, even in passing:

That would make me and Mrs Earth-Prime very happy.

Mash-Up #36

Twice a week I randomly generate two dates and then compare the titles I own from both of them, trying to find some covers that, with a little basic photoshopping, I can mash together, and then I force the results on you lovely people.

By the way, I admit to being HUGELY influenced by the wonderful Super-Team Family blog which has been doing this for years (and a lot better) on an almost daily basis.

Sure, I could have found some Christmas related mash-up but I’ll stick to Hitman.

As I post this, though, I’m now thinking – I should have put a Green Lantern symbol on Hitman’s chest. That flat black T-shirt could easily cope with that.

Maybe I’ll do a “2nd printing”  😉