Infinite Crisis Annotations

After completing the Infinite Crisis annotations the best part of ten years ago, I eventually picked up the collected edition and made a note of the differences between that and the monthly issues – and there were a lot!

One big difference was a double page spread at the end of the issue, this time drawn by George Perez with more than twenty extra characters. It has long been on my to do list to actually get round to numbering and listing the characters in that spread and I’ve finally done it. Of the 117 characters listed, there’s only one I can’t identify:

Any ideas? If so, use the Contact Me tab at the top.

You can find the full picture in the Collected Edition page.

Update – thanks to Noel who told me it’s Lady Shiva as Jade Canary.

Infinite Crisis – More Stuff Done

ICCollectionCoverFinished off the notes on the Infinite Crisis Collected edition as well as making sure all the links in the notes pages now point to the relevant pages on this site rather than to the old one or just being empty.

I’ve also updated the Coming Soon images I’ve used on some of the other series I’ve planned out – if you click links to Final Crisis, Zero Hour or Blackest Night on the right hand menu, you’ll see what I mean.

Blackest Night is the next big one to carry over so I should make a start on that over the next few days.

Main Infinite Crisis Annotations Posted

IC01CoverAFinished off the annotations for Infinite Crisis this afternoon – well, the main series anyway – so have posted them. You can find them in the link on the right hand side.

I need to copy over the stuff from the old site about the Collected Edition and the tie-ins which I’ll make a start on this week and then update the links within the notes.

Then I need to finish off scans from the Collected Edition and look at incorporating new notes on the Infinite Crisis Aftermath series (particularly the Battle for Bludhaven) and the Brave New World one-shot. I had all good intentions to do those years ago but never got round to it. This new site’s as good a time as any, I guess.

Stay tuned – more stuff coming soon.

The Naivete Of Youth

Okay, maybe not youth…

I’m in the process of copying over my notes from the old Annotated Infinite Crisis site and had honestly forgotten how much stuff I’d put into that; not just the seven issues of the main series but a whole bunch of tie-ins and other odds and sods. It’s going to take me a while to get all of that over here, re-do some images, put correct links in to new pages and so on, but it’s getting there.

The reason I mention this now is because I was working on the notes for issue #4 and came across this:

Page 24 – Panel 7    From out of the Speed Force, grabbing Superboy-Prime around the neck comes Flash (Barry Allen), grandfather of Kid Flash. Barry is rare in the world of superheroes: a character who died and, to this day, remains dead. He has appeared occasionally (usually in The Flash during a time-travelling storyline or as a flashback) but in the present day he is still dead, having given his life during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

You have to bear in mind that I wrote the above in 2007 when Barry Allen was indeed “a character who died and, to this day, remains dead“. The idea of bringing him back at that point and basically negating his hugely heroic death in Crisis, was just unthinkable.

And then they went and did it just a year or so later.

Death – it just doesn’t stick, does it?

Flash Sacrifice