Sunday Reviews


The title returns with the characters still in Hell, wondering whether or not they can trust Lucifer . . . when God turns up along with an army to smite the hell out of Lucifer and his demons. Struggling to get away, drastic measures are called for and a couple of the band fall, making a sacrifice so that others may live. And then there’s those last couple of pages . . .

Glad to see this book back following a hiatus, and still going strong.


Mikey and the troops launch an all out attack against Masteems – because, you know, that’s the best way of convincing someone to join your team. Meanwhile Brennan tries his best to get Kallista to help and that doesn’t go well at all.

Still a good series, this. Where else are you going to see minotaur’s with machine guns?


Different Lanterns from different universes are called in to save the multiverse from the Anti-Man but while that goes well, there’s still the hole that’s punched through to the anti-matter universe to contend with.

Sucker as I am for a multiversal story, this was sort of fun, though there’s the usual Morrison trick of having characters glibly mention concepts that sound cool but which don’t matter much. But then they’re off on a quest for the Cosmic Grail amid the forbidden, uncharted worlds mentioned in Morrison’s MULTIVERSITY so I can forgive him that.


Jarro – the little bit of Starro that could – takes on the Legion of Doom all on his lonesome before the League join him and it’s all revealed to be a dream Jarro has cooked up. He’s convinced the only way to save the League is to become the bad guy and take them off to his homeworld to keep them safe. Batman, in a tender moment, convinces him otherwise, and the little guy ends up being his usual chirpy self again.

Not a bad one and done prologue to the forthcoming Justice/Doom War event.