Lex’s Right Hand Man

New DC December solicitations are out and the two covers of Doomsday Clock #2 are revealed:

I’m not recognising the costume on the left – the black and white socks/leggings, the black corset with the red buttons and frilled collar. The only things that’s springing to mind is the Harlequin but I’m not convinced. The Nostalgia bottles and case in the bag labelled ….NITE aren’t clues either.

But on the left, his hand resting on Lex’s right shoulder? That’s clearly the armband of Ozymandias and as the solicitation says

DC and Watchmen characters collide at last!

it seems likely that at least one other Watchmen character besides Dr Manhattan is making their way to the DCU. Which makes me wonder if this bit of the solicitation:

And killer clowns trek through Gotham seeking a madman.

is referring to Rorschach – is he the madman?

Domain Registration

Look’s like Lex Luthor didn’t keep an eye on one of his domains. This is from one of the Superman Secret Files issues from the late 90s when – as odd as it might be to say these days – the internet was still in its relative infancy.

Don’t you just love the now retro square menu buttons on the top?

DC had a habit at the time of embracing the net by putting websites in all sorts of comics without necessarily thinking things through. Even then, I seriously doubt anyone at DC registered

Hey look – a camel case address! Do any sites still do that now?

as an actual domain that they owned.

These days that address will redirect you to what appears to be an Italian law firm’s web site.

At least I hope it does, otherwise my spam filter’s going to be working overtime.

Batman vs Superman Trailer

So the new, uber high def trailer has been released and there’s a LOT more stuff in there.

The problem with releasing long trailers is that it runs the risk of giving too much information away. For a start:


“some sensuality”? What, after the fight do Bats and Supes kiss and make up? You know . . . sensually?

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