The Original Power Girl Returns?

There’s an article over at Comics Nexus that appears to show the original pre-Crisis Earth Two Power Girl returning to the DCU, rather than the one that was featured in Worlds’ Finest and Earth 2: Society who was from the post New 52 Earth 2.

I don’t read Deathstroke (though I hear it’s very good) so only have the article’s information to go on but from the art that it posts, it definitely looks like the first PG is back, purely based on the costume. In Earth-2: World’s End, Power Girl was handed the S-shield of her fallen cousin Superman by the Red Tornado (which was housing Lois Lane’s conscious):

Somehow, the S-shield applied itself to Power Girl’s costume, essentially turning her into Supergirl which goes against her earliest appearances:

Or it would, if they were the same character. The PG from Worlds’ FinestEarth-2Earth-2: World’s End and Earth-2: Society isn’t the same PG who is annoyed by the Star-Spangled Kid’s gift. That Power Girl never fought alongside the Super Squad or the Justice Society, but instead had been Supergirl first on Earth-2. She only became Power Girl after being shunted to the Prime Earth following Darkseid’s invasion of Earth-2; when she and Huntress arrived, they found their new home already had a Supergirl, so Kara chose a new identity. They eventually found their way back home to Earth-2, rescued the captured Superman who then died and, as shown above, his S-shield affixed itself to Power Girl, basically turning her back into Supergirl.

However, the Power Girl that is shown in Deathstroke Annual #1, and which the above link refers to, looks a hell of a lot more like the original Earth-Two Power Girl:

Not only is the costume the same as the original’s, but the letterer even uses the font/logo from her 2009 – 2011 series (and if you haven’t read the first twelve issues of that series, you really should) Her series was her last appearance in the pre-New 52 world as the character that turned up shortly thereafter in Mr Terrific as Terrific’s girlfriend was revealed to be the Earth-2 version mentioned above.

So is the Power Girl that’s trapped between worlds in Deathstroke Annual the original, pre-Crisis version? Having long been a fan of the character, I certainly hope so.

Supergirl – Red Faced

Supergirl Red FacedPlaying catch up with the Supergirl series so only watched this episode last night.

It’s another solid entry in the series – Supergirl is recruited/forced to battle the new Red Tornado android to test its capabilities against insurgents, a test mandated by General Sam Lane (Lois and Lucy’s dad). Due to having already had a stressful day, Kara loses her temper, totals the Tornado and knocks some wiring loose allowing it to go rogue, something with General Lane blames her for.

There’s another parallel story – Kara needs to learn to control her temper both as Cat Grant’s assistant and as Supergirl, working out what’s really making her angry (the fact that she’ll never have a normal life) before being able to use that anger to her advantage. She and Cat bond a little more while Max Lord makes a short appearance, slowly growing his role as villain and yet potential love interest for Kara’s sister Alex. And then there’s the mystery about Hank Henshaw which the internet has already spoiled.

Like I said, another good episode – Supergirl grows a little more, General Lane is a xenophobic arsehole and Red Tornado makes his on screen d├ębut – but I did have a couple of problems with it, mostly about dear old Reddy.

Sadly, unlike any of the other aliens/bad guys featured to date on the show (or even Supergirl herself) Reddy looked like nothing more than a man in a suit:

Red Tornado

and not a very good one, either. Nothing about the character’s design said “android” – it was just a suit, a fact that was reinforced when Max Lord lifted the severed arm up as if it were made of polystyrene; the prop clearly had no weight to it. Reddy was described as a prototype, though, so I’m hoping if and when he returns, he’ll look a bit better.

And I’d put money on his return, as well, as despite Kara blowing him to bits at the episode’s end, Red Tornado has a long history of being destroyed and rebuilt which inevitably leads to scenes like this:

JLA146_welcome back reddy

Androids get all the love.


Supergirl’s Red Tornado

I’m looking forward to the new Supergirl series – from the trailers that I’ve seen, it looks to be a lot closer in tone to Flash than Arrow or even Man of Steel (which is seriously no bad thing.)

However, the newly released image for Red Tornado who appears on the show has me feeling . . . less enthusiastic.

Supergirls Red Tornado

My Red Tornado’s is from the satellite era Justice League of America and looks a little . . . brighter:

Justice League Of America Vol 1 192

Still, I guess we wait and see, right?