Age Appropriate Ads In Comics

If you’ve ever picked up a comic from the 1970s, I’ve no doubt you’ll have seen the pages of classified ads selling the usual weird stuff that kids were into back then – you know, this sort of thing:



Spy Kit

or even

Flying Saucer

Yep, you kids back in the 70s could get your hands on all sorts of crazy stuff because back then, before the grim ‘n’ gritty 80s, before Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen made DC proudly proclaim that “comics weren’t just for kids” any more. It was weird and a bit hokey in retrospect but, you know, it was for kids.

And then, in the very same issue that had the above ads (Green Lantern #117, cover dated June 1979) I come across this:


Be a Draftsman! Look how much their salaries climbed between 1973 and 1976 – a massive 23%! Sure, it doesn’t tell you what the salaries started at, but wow – 23% in three years!

Nor does it tell you how much this “train at home” course costs – the closest it comes is

Just a few dollars

just a few dollars a month

What kid in 1979 was reading this and thinking “I could send away for my own Flying Saucer Kit . . . or I could learn a trade that saw a big increase in wages six years ago. Sure, there might have been a drop in those same wages since then, and I’ve no idea how much I need to spend each month or for how long but, gee, the North America School of Drafting and its wonderful staff sounds like such a neat investment! It’s not like it could be a scam to get me to send money, is it?”

Maybe I shouldn’t be suspicious; maybe it really was a worthwhile investment. After all, this guy has such an honest face

Who Is He

DC later re-purposed it when they weren’t sure what the hell to do with Kyle Rayner: