Double Dialogue In The Precinct

The Precinct is a sort of follow-on from Bill Willingham’s Legenderry series and the mini-series that followed that – at least it’s set in the same world even if it’s not featuring any of the same characters. Issue #2 came out last week and there’s a scene where members of the Alchemy Academy (surely Alchemical Academy would work better?) appeal to the Royal Senate to be allowed to have a representative on the Senate. They ask this because, they believe, the Senate relies too much upon steam powered mechanical inventions, whereas the Academy deal with the divine and the spiritual.

During the debate, this happens:

Precinct Full Page

There’s a couple of things that jumped out at me reading this. First, the top panel:

Precinct Classified

Classified? Who the hell mentioned anything about classified things? That piece of dialogue comes out of nowhere.

The other thing is the first speech bubble on the page (in the panel above) and the last one spoken by a different character. Here they are, side by side:

Precinct Double Dialogue

This is either sloppy writing by Frank J Barberie or sloppy editing by Rachel Pinnelas or Joe Rybandt.

Either way, it doesn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence for the forthcoming Dejah Thoris series which is written by Barberie.

Green Lantern Corps Redefine Priority

I picked up the first issue of Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion this week and, on the whole, it wasn’t too bad – certainly no better or worse than Green Lantern: Lost Army which it follows. However, being the nit picking kind of guy I am, one thing did jump out at me.

Towards the start of the issue, the Corps members led by John Stewart are gathering to discuss what happens and this conversation takes place:

GLC Priority 1

First glance that’s nothing unusual – they need to find the other Corps members and look for a way back to the universe and time they left behind.

But hang on, let’s take a closer look:

GLC Priority 2

Guy Gardner says they’ve been exploring the dying universe for six months.

GLC Priority 3

John Stewart says finding the missing Corps members needs to be their first priority.

First priority?! If that’s the case, why have they spent six months exploring? Why haven’t they spent six months looking for the rest of the Corps?

It’s a situation made all the more absurd because Graf Toren comes up with the idea of asking Mogo to shine like a beacon and what do you know? The rest of the Corps see it and head towards it!

Six months of not bothering to look for the missing Corps members then, when they decide to, they find them in five minutes!

Suffering Sappho, this does not bode well for the rest of the series!

Supergirl News

For The Man Who Has EverythingWhile I watched the final two episodes of Supergirl before Christmas, with work and family and everything else I didn’t get the chance to do any write ups of them which is a shame – the final episode in particular was a cracker. The Kryptonian assualt, Cat Grant figuring out Kara was Supergirl, and Henshaw revealing he was the Martian Manhunter all fed into a great mid-season cliffhanger.

Still, there’s news today that a new episode is going to be based around Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ story For The Man Who Has Everything where Kara will wake up on Krypton as though nothing has happened. As the linked article says, there’s no word on any other heroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman or Robin appearing and – to be honest – those roles are likely to be taken by Supergirl’s supporting cast. It’ll probably be Jimmy, Winn, Alex and maybe Henshaw as J’onn J’onnz who find her with some sort of Black Mercy attached, but it’ll be nice to see some form of the story on the screen.

And hey, it’ll give Alan Moore another opportunity to lambast TV and film writers for not being able to come up with anything original.

There’s also other news about a possible crossover between Supergirl and The Flash which I would love to see. Both shows, while dealing with serious moments, have a freshness about them that would make them an excellent fit. Fingers crossed this comes off.

Flash Supergirl