The Original Crisis!

Mrs Earth-Prime and I went away over the last weekend; we’re having work done on the house so it was nice to get away from it all and go and explore a few places. One of which was the city of Brighton which we’d visited briefly before but hadn’t had the chance to wander around together. Indulging my comic hobby as she does, Mrs Earth-Prime researched the place before hand and found Dave’s Comics

Daves Comics

which had a fantastic array of back issues all neatly arranged in boxes or on the wall.

And it was hanging on the wall that I caught sight of two comics marked up at a price that made me think “I’m on holiday . . . . I can afford that amount . . . . I should treat myself.”

So I did. A quick chat with Dave himself and I am now the owner of Justice League of America #21 and #22, featuring the first crossover with the Justice Society – the original Crisis!

JLA 21 and 22

It’s probably just as well that Dave’s Comics isn’t online . . . . I could easily spend a lot more money there.