Screw You, CBR!

I mentioned before about Comic Book Resources annoying me with their inclusion of spoilers in their headlines or at the start of their articles; because I still use a feed reader, I can sometimes be surprised by spoilers of comics, TV or films and I hate that.

I haven’t been reading The Button, the current crossover between Batman and The Flash, but I’m interested about the connections to the Watchmen and Rebirth mystery connection so have been keeping half an eye on things. Checking my feed over the weekend, I see this:

I’ve redacted the headline and the picture because of spoilers! How difficult was that, CBR?

It’s the last straw, for me – I’ve unsubscribed from them partly because of crap like this, but also because of their annoying auto play videos and the seemingly never ending list based articles:

Seriously – what is the fascination with 15?

I’ll miss The Line It Is Drawn and the Comic Book Legends Revealed but apart from that, I’ll rely on other sources for my news.

2 thoughts on “Screw You, CBR!

  1. The auto-playing videos and infinite scrolling turned me off to CBR as well. I know lists are a big deal ( is mostly lists and videos but at least they’re enjoyable when I get to read them) but if you don’t have more than that you’re just doing clickbait for ad dollars rather than producing quality content.


    1. I agree – if I want to watch a video, I’ll choose to click play. I don’t want to have to choose NOT to watch something.

      And those endless bloody lists of 15 things about this, and 15 things you’ve never known about that…


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