As If Cheap Lego Figures Weren’t Enough

I have to admit, I’m still indulging my Lego figure habit (thanks, Spike!) and have just ordered another batch; I should probably take a shot of what I’ve got and show them off, eh?

As I was trawling round the site, though, one other, non-Lego related item caught my eye.

Imagine you’re a fan of British action heroes but you can’t find a good figure of your favourite. Sure, you can find generic figures for the body but you want something that’ll be instantly recognisable as your favourite action movie star, something that your friends will look at and go “Wow, look who it is!”

As long as your favourite action star is Jason Statham, you’re in luck. Buy a generic Action Man/GI Joe figure, pull off the head and replace it with this:

A surprisingly detailed 1/6 scale Jason Statham head!

Is there nothing you can’t buy on the internet?