Doomsday Clock Action Figures

Yep, they’re making them and you can see a bunch of photos here.

The Comedian doesn’t look bad, but the Marionette? That waist looks way too thin:

And there’s something wrong about the Dr Manhattan figure . . . something missing . . .

Oh wait, I know what it is:

There you go, Doc.

And, just because this instantly popped into my head when I saw the article:

Indeed, Rorschach, indeed . . .

5 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock Action Figures

  1. Ha, nice edit. Of course in this day and age Dr.Manhattan would be turned into the world’s most powerful (and blue) Ken doll down there. Fucking parents and their easily-offended natures. If little Ricky wants to blow up the DCU with a naked Doc Manhattan, YOU LET HIM! It’s only inappropriate if the boy catches “confusing feelings down there” whilst in the middle of said imaginary universal genocide.

    The figures looks decent enough, but I think I’ll pass. While I do like the improved head on this version of the Comedian (I have the older DCUC Watchmen Club exclusive Comedian figure) I’m just not into being forced to buy another figure I don’t want. Not feeling the Mime and Marionette figures.
    Ozy and Rorschach do have nice facial updates as well though. They seem to be made in the DC Icons scale, which means they’ll be 6 inches, but on the small end of 6 inches, unlike the 6 inch plus Marvel Legends line.


    1. Here’s the weird thing, though – are these aimed at kids? Does DC expect little Ricky to be staging fights between the Comedian and Ozymandias? Or, as I suspect, are they aimed at people like us, grown ups who appreciate a nice action figure?

      If the latter, then we’re grown ups – we can (if you’ll pardon the expression) handle Dr Manhattan having a dick.

      I just don’t get it.


      1. Well if they let dicks in, then tit nipples would be next, then someone would complain about pubic hair, and we’d get nowhere.
        Also Little Ricky should probably look into getting some professional mental help if he’s staging imaginary fan-fic porn fights between The Comedian and Ozymandias. Try as he might, there’s no way Eddie’s getting that win back from Ozzy.


      2. And that’s consumerism for you – no-one wants to run the risk of offending anyone so everything’s boiled down to the least offensive common denominator which, in this case, is doing away with the Dr’s dangle.

        Also Little Ricky should probably look into getting some professional mental help if heโ€™s staging imaginary fan-fic porn fights between The Comedian and Ozymandias.” Says the guy who recently posted a scene of Spider-Man beating the crap out of Animal Man! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Well to be fair, Buddy had it coming for a long time now, same for Peter Mulligan. And yeah, I probably should….actually I do see a therapist once a month…..and yet I still post imaginary fan-fic porn fights on a regular basis. Go figure.
    Why in fact there’s two new skits coming out next week……


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