You Were Looking For What?

Sadly, WordPress doesn’t give me a whole ton of information about what brings people to this place – it’ll tell me there were 48,000 (yeah, right!) Google searches that people followed to arrive at these pages, but not what terms they were using.

All I really get is a little piece on the dashboard about the Top Searches and, as I glanced at this morning, something caught my eye:

death of supergirl” isn’t surprising as the Crisis #7 Homage Page is consistently one of the most popular pages on this site, but “animated solid boobs

What the feck? I have no idea what that’s in connection with.

You people are weird.

5 thoughts on “You Were Looking For What?

  1. Just like you weren’t expecting “animated boobs” to show up as a key search-word, likewise I wasn’t expecting to see Mento’s O-face. Checkmate.
    Seriously, that face has GOT to still haunt Rita Farr’s dreams/nightmares to this very day. gives me a little bit more info, but not much either, so we’re kinda’ in the same boat there.


  2. Oh shit, don’t tease me like that Gary. You mean you have more superhero celeb O-Faces on file? I’m seeing a TMZ-like project coming out soon. Hey! That could be our new collab project; TMZ for the comic world. Hmmm. #ThePossibilitiesAreEndless


    1. Haha! No, I have odds and sods – everything from a grumpy Silver Age Clark Kent to a sad Guardian to Snapper Carr clicking his fingers; just random stuff waiting for the right post.


  3. The stats pages do have more details on search terms, but sometimes you get unknown search terms. Then I get stuff looking for Ben 10 or Incredibles hentai (not just porn, specifically hentai) and I begin to question life.


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