The Authentic Superman

Remember all that fuss when DC did the New 52 and launched Superman without his red underpants over his tights? The internet went nuts (admittedly, the internet goes nuts over just about anything) with people bemoaning the change in a classic costume and probably claiming DC were destroying their childhood memories.

Well, turns out it had been done long before then – like in 1975:

See? No red underpants here, my friends, unless they’re under that “authentic Superman costume.

You too could have a costume that will give you literally “weeks and months of fun“! Sure it might fall apart in nine weeks, but think of how much fun your “authentic Superman costume” will have given you during that time.

All you need do to be “the envy of your friends” is simply “slip into this authentic Superman costume, put on the concealing mask” and stand by for so much fun you won’t . . .

Wait a second . . .

Since when does Superman wear a “concealing mask“?

I don’t believe it – they ruined a classic costume in 1975! How many childhood memories were ruined by this?!

Damn you pre-internet era!

3 thoughts on “The Authentic Superman

  1. “Weeks of entertainment” is right, depending on what the average kids considers “entertainment.” I’m sure the typical definition of fun back in 1975 differs a while hell of a lot from what the average kid in now 2018 considers entertainment.

    Oh, and apparently DC’s brought back the traditional red trunks in time for Action Comics 1000th issue.
    Could Batman’s blue trunks be far behind?…..


    1. Was away for the weekend and saw your comment before checking the news – the Super Underpants are coming back!

      And yet I remember less consternation when Batman lost his…


  2. True, and maybe it was because they tried that when Bruce took the cowl back from Dick, and quietly did away with the blue undies only to bring them back later, when he was using the single black bat on the front and black undies.

    At least Superman look right again. His current story lines and movies though are another matter entirely.


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