All The Time In The World

So, it’s 1975 once more and the Justice League is fighting the Injustice League of Earth Two. Or the Injustice Gang. Or the Injustice Society. Or some bunch of villains that’s teamed up together and called their group the Injustice Something Or Other.

As always, the groups fight each other one on one:

Hawkman’s legs are being tied together by the Huntress; the Wizard’s thrown a huge banana in the path of the Flash; Green Arrow’s been blinded by the Shade; Batman’s been blinded by Icicle; Aquaman has (somehow) been distracted by the Gambler; and Black Canary is being attacked by Sportsmaster.

Let’s take a closer look at that last one, shall we?

Black Canary has stayed still long enough for Sportsmaster to draw a three part target on her belly in to which he’s ready to throw a dart.

Sportsmaster has no super speed powers, no ability to do that quickly – although all credit to the guy for doing a very good job left handed – and yet Black Canary is just standing there, letting him do that, instead of either blasting him with her canary cry or using one of her Judo moves

Or even just kicking him in the balls, which might be more appropriate for the Sportsmaster.

Man, heroes were so much more polite and accommodating in the 70s.

3 thoughts on “All The Time In The World

  1. Seriously though right? I mean and right on her baby incubator because to paint her baby might’ve been considered too much back then. I bet he was wanting to pain the insides of her Canary cave with something else besides paint . I know I would 😉

    But yeah, shit only back then could the Goddamn Batman let himself get a face full of snow like Tony Montana did in Scarface, Barry lets a giant yellow banana peel stop him!? I could maybe see it working on Hal since he was weak AF when it came to the color yellow back then, but Barry!? Especially when he wasn’t running? Lame.

    The worst has to be Aquaman. You’re telling me all it took back in 1975 to take out DC’s answer to Namor the Submariner, was a simple card trick? Did he never take in a Vegas show or play craps ever? Wow, slight of hand beats a man touch enough to shrug off a bullet fired at him point-blank….No wonder he was considered a joke even back then.


    1. Yeah, those are some really crap take downs of heroes, aren’t they? And the Aquaman thing – it’s not really clear why those cards are giving him such a hard time!


  2. I honestly have no idea since the Gambler is not holding either the infamous Dead Man’s Hand or a Royal Flush. He’s spinning or shuffling the cards around to distract Artie, nor is he throwing them at him, and trust me, if thrown right and with the right amount of speed, those cards can legit slice a man’s skin.
    But he’s not doing that either, so poor Aquaman is made to look even more dumb and useless than normal.

    On second thought, he could be dumbstruck by the fact that Black Canary’s just standing there, letting the Sportsmaster graffiti tag her baby maker, much like we all are, based on where his eyes seem to be drifting to.


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