Batman Vs Superman

Here’s a couple of ads that ran in Justice League of America #124 from November, 1975:​

Arguably the two premier DC heroes, showing off to the readers where they can be found.

I’ve just had a look at Previews for the April listings and thought I’d update those ads:

We’ve gone from six titles each in 1975 to four for Superman and eight for Batman; it would have been nine but it looks like he’s not in April’s Detective Comics.

I bet Superman can’t wait for Brian Michael Bendis and his big relaunch . . .

2 thoughts on “Batman Vs Superman

  1. I know it’s quality over quantity, but somebody forgot to tell the Goddamn Batman that. Fuck, that’s a lot of comics to follow monthly.
    Is he getting paid by the comic or something?

    Oh and it seems Superman just found out that Bendis will be writing his all of his comics now. Poor Bastard. Check your e-mail for the picture.


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