Black Label, Anyone?

Still ridiculously busy (hence the lack of posts/updates) but couldn’t let this one lie.

DC announced a new creator driven, out of continuity imprint called DC Black Label which promises to “bring edgy and provocative standalone stories” to some of the major characters from the company. So Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, then.

Of the six titles announced, there are two Batman stories, two Wonder Woman, one Superman and a multi-character tale, The Other History Of The DC Universe, that looks at heroes from “traditionally disenfranchised groups“; the Superman books is by Frank Miller, so that’s a no-go from me; Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons might be worth a look based on the solicit information, and maybe Batman: Last Knight On Earth by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

Aside from that, though, when I saw the imprint’s name – and I’m sure this happened to many a British comic fan of a certain age – a long ago advertising campaign instantly sprung to mind:

4 thoughts on “Black Label, Anyone?

  1. Yeah I saw this too. Even Twitted about it.
    I don’t even know what this is even supposed to be about?
    And why are they rolling this out now? Isn’t Rebirth and Metal enough?
    Still no JSA or Legion.
    Does this mean Vertigo is ending, because wasn’t ““bring edgy and provocative standalone stories” Vertigo’s deal? Of course they mere mostly showcasing long-running series versus one and done’s like an anthology, but then Vertigo had those too, sooooo remind me again why you exist Black Label?
    Also Frank Miller being allowed anywhere near Superman is just asking for trouble. Miller’s made it no secret that he could care less about Superman based off his horrendous jobbing out to Batman every chance he gets in that whole DK Trilogy. No thank you. Fuck you, bye.
    WW looks good though, I’ll admit that.
    Even the Batman one sounds interesting, but also sounds like its been done before. Idk.

    Do your hustle Gary. Work’s more important. #RespectTheHustle


    1. Black Label = new slants on established heroes. Wasn’t that the whole point of the Elseworlds imprint?

      And yeah, I’m not touching Miller with a bargepole after DK II – didn’t even bother with the third one.

      Work should slow down after the next couple of weeks so I can get back to posting more regularly with some luck. Unless they work me into the grave before that! 🙂


  2. Yeah, the Elseworld’s comparison really is the more appropriate of the one I mentioned. Both fit.

    Has DC ever really explained why and how the hell DC published a mini-series with the title Master Race in it, especially during Trump’s presidency and light of the whole Tiki Torch movement? bad form DC, bad form. And it’s not so much the title that bothers me, rather the timing of use.


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