More Ads Updated

I’ve updated another handful of pages with ads for the various series:

  • Armageddon 2001 gets a new ad here
  • Bloodlines gets four new ads here
  • Countdown has enough new ads to get its own page here
  • Final Crisis gets a new ad here

As I’m reviewing a ton more comics, I have no doubt I’ll be updating more over the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “More Ads Updated

  1. Busy, busy bee I see.
    I always enjoyed the 2001 Alien Armageddon storyline. I feel they made excellent use of that gimmick with all of the annuals, exploring all the various possible futures, They really nailed that one I thought.

    I wanted to like FC. And I do to an extent, but it’s even more Morrison-y than usual, even for me. Plus no one really expected Batman to stay dead, so there’s that. Also, Barry Allen’s returns I thought, was really and completely over-shadowed buy everything that happened. Those specials were good though, especially the one with 3D glasses. That was pretty damn cool.

    As for the Bloodlines poll…..Hitman became the most popular out of the bunch, Gunfire became an amusing joke/parody of himself thanks to Ennis, and I like Argus.


    1. Final Crisis didn’t really work for me as I think it showed what’s bad about Morrison – massive ideas (which are good) but a poor resolution, like the ideas were bigger than the plot so while you got some great “Wow!” moments, the ending was just a bit . . . oh, it’s a big, evil space vampire/Monitor thing . . .

      And yeah, Armageddon 2001, despite its flaws, is still one of my favourite crossovers, mostly because of Dan Jurgens’ art in the bookend issues.


  2. You’re pretty much dead on with your assessment of FC. Lots of good ideas, poor execution.

    Can never go wrong with Jurgens art, well, as long as Brett Breeding and Art Thibert are inking him.


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