Darkseid Joins The Justice League

If you’ve been reading the title for a while, you probably have your favourite Justice League line-up.

Maybe it’s the gang from the New 52’s flagship title; or Gardner Fox’s classic but terribly dated Happy Harbour crew; or the Giffen and DeMatteis bwah-ha-ha bunch; or the timeless satellite line-up (possibly my favourite); or even dear old Justice League Detroit.

There have been enough members of the League over the decades that it’s hard to surprise long-time readers with new members but, as you can tell from the post’s title, the newest member is perhaps the very definition of surprising.

Darkseid is joining the Justice League – specifically a team called Justice League Odyssey – and he even gets a new look:

I don’t know whether to be impressed or stunned at the audacity of this idea, particularly when the rest of the article contains this:

writer Josh Williamson and artist Stjepan Sejic will create Justice League Odyssey, in which Cyborg, Starfire, Azrael, Jessica Cruz, and Darkseid (yes, Darkseid) explore the universe in one of Brainiac’s old head ships with flames painted on the side.

I’ve read a few of Williamson’s books – I think I was one of only three people to enjoy his Voodoo run – and I love both Nailbiter and Birthright so I’m willing to give this a go even though I’m on the fence about Darkseid joining the League . . . even if he is in “one of Brainiac’s old head ships with flames painted on the side.”

3 thoughts on “Darkseid Joins The Justice League

  1. Yeah I saw this too. Jesus, remember when groups like the JLA and Avengers were legit exclusive clubs that very few new guys ever got to be allowed in? Now those were the days, because usually any new blood that joined had earned their way in, rather than being there solely on the merit of being the writer’s pet.

    But alas, times change because progress and all that bullshit, blah, blah, blah.

    One hand, yes they’re actually doing something different with Darkseid for a change, so there’s that. But actually joining the JL? I guess if it’s ok for Thanos to flirt with that shit, why not the guy he was inspired and modeled after right? Meh. We’ll see. Depends on the payoff, because since Darkseid’s a crafty motherfucker, he’d obviously have to have his own selfish reasons for aligning himself with timeless foes like the JL.
    At least of it turns out to be hot garbage, at least it’ll be damn good-looking hot garbage, because Stjepan Sejic is a damn fine artist.

    But Azrael though? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I like him and all, but on a JL team? Naw bruh. I’d have put Lobo or the Ray on there instead.

    I can’t totally shit on pimping out one of Brainiac’s head ships though. Flames on the side…..was Lobo or Guy Gardner in charge of that one because it so feels like something they’d do. And if that thing isn’t rocking a pair of fuzzy dice, don’t bother.


    1. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with this, whether it’s a legitimate story serving move or just a “Hey, look at this crazy idea!” sort of thing.

      And yeah, pimping out Brainiac’s head ship – that I want to see!


      1. Dollars to donuts, DC will claim/does claim the first, but more than likely it’s usually the 2nd.

        Just the thought of a pimped out Head ship reminds me how much that image would NOT look out of place in an issue of Heavy Metal or a Heavy Metal movie.


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