It’s Coming!

And we’re off – the next series I shall be annotating due to overwhelming no demand, is the much derided 1988 crossover, Millennium.

If you thought Bloodlines was bad . . . well, you were right.

Let’s see how we get on with Steve “No amount of exposition is too much trouble” Engelhart’s magnum opus, shall we?

3 thoughts on “It’s Coming!

  1. This should be good. At least the art was decent and the whole “New Guardians” experiment was an attempt at shaking things up.


    1. Yeah, it’s rattling along nicely to be honest – I’ve done the first two issues already and am on the second week of crossovers.

      I still have issues with Englehart’s writing and pacing, but so far, it’s much better than Bloodlines.

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