Zero Hour Hardback

Well, look what arrived for me, yesterday:

The recently released Zero Hour: Crisis in Time hardback collection (without the Lego figures – I had those already)

It’s a really nice looking book – underneath the dust cover, the book is a brilliant white with, on the front, the Zero Hour logo in silver; there’s a new introduction by Dan Jurgens before you get to the story itself which, if it hasn’t been recoloured, looks to have had some work done as the colours are really bright and clean. I’ve always been a fan of Jurgens’ art and here it looks as good as it ever has.

According to the solicitation, it has an “updated timeline to the DC Universe” but that’s actually just the same timeline that appeared in #0 of the original mini-series. However, it does have a ton of gorgeous promo art by Jurgens and Jerry Ordway, as well as a transcript of the two page proposal by Jurgens where he first outlines the series – I had no idea the working name of the villain Extant was Dynasty. I’d scan one or two pages of that art . . . but that would mean breaking the spine of my brand new hardback, so that’s not going to happen.

All told, it’s a lovely looking book and anyone who’s a fan of Zero Hour and/or Jurgens’ art shouldn’t be disappointed in it.

And, for the nerdy DC continuity fan, Jurgens’ introduction drops a bomb that, to me at least, came as a complete surprise. If you’re curious, I’ve thrown together a quick page on the collections here.

3 thoughts on “Zero Hour Hardback

  1. Damn, that really is a sweet looking trade.
    Did NOT know Barabara was supposed to be the new Time Trapper, but for me it works given how her story ended. Very interesting tidbit.

    Speaking of bits, noticed you haven’t been making any new skits with your legos….


    1. Yeah, Barbara as Time Trapper . . . that’s the first time I ever noticed that lock of hair blowing in the wind and realised it was a woman.

      On the Lego side, it’s just been time and a lack of imagination, really! They took a while to put together, particularly if I was having to build a new character from scratch, but the Millennium annotations have sort of taken over for now.

      Shame, as I built a neat looking mini-Millennium Falcon, planning to do a sketch with Han trying to impress various DC heroines that would have seen the light of day just as the Solo movie came out, but time got away from me.

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      1. Now that would’ve been cool to see. You still can, even if it’s later.
        I noticed the curls and noticed the time trapper was now a chick, but it never even occurred to me that it was Batgirl. Really good twist by Jurgens.


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