New Aquaman Poster

So the new Aquaman film poster’s been released . . .

. . . and while I really, honestly hope that the film’s good, that poster just . . . you know . . . just didn’t work for me.

They’re clearly going for a “Hey, Aquaman’s king of the seas, he fear no creatures” sort of vibe but the difference in colour between Aquaman and the background, not to mention the clear cut between the rocks/coral he’s sitting on and the background just makes it look more than a little fake.

There’s just no real sense that he’s actually in the same water as those sharks and whales and things.

It’s almost like he’s . . . I don’t know . . . posing in front of an aquarium?

3 thoughts on “New Aquaman Poster

    1. Doesn’t surprise me – I saw it and instantly knew it would be riffed on.

      I’ll almost went for a Finding Nemo vibe, but plumped for the Spongebob aquarium in a quick ‘n’ dirty way.

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      1. Is there any really any other way? 😉 No I hear ya’, and it worked for me too. Funny how unless he was a Hanna-Barbara character, the closest we’ll ever get to an official Spongebob/Aquaman crossover is Mer-Man and Barnacle Boy.


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