New Freedom Fighters Series Coming Soon!


There’s a brief article on Newsarama about a new Freedom Fighters series coming in December, written by Robert Venditti whose work I’ve enjoyed over the last few years on Green Lantern. And, even better, it’s set on Earth-10 / Earth-X from the Multiversity series so we get one of my favourite teams and the multiverse in one go.

Just a shame it’s a 12 issue miniseries as opposed to an ongoing, but I will take what I can get, thank you very much.

9 thoughts on “New Freedom Fighters Series Coming Soon!

    1. Yeah, looking forward to this, I must admit.

      By the way, since you changed your blog’s layout I haven’t been able to comment – I’ve tried logging into Blogger first and still nothing. Weird.


      1. Nope, no joy – just tried commenting on the Thor wallpapers (which are pretty cool, by the way) and it just won’t post. I’ll double check my settings here – some adblocker thing, maybe?

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