DC’s New Timeline

At NYCC last week, DC unveiled their new timeline – or rather put it up on a big projector very briefly without letting anyone get a real good look at it.

The Hollywood Reporter article has some more info on it, but not much beyond some basic headlines. Apparently there will now be four generations in the DCU:

  • “Dawn of the Heroic Age,” which DiDio explained begins with the arrival of Wonder Woman in Man’s World, before the Second World War
  • “The Space Age,” which begins with Superman’s debut
  • “The Age of Crisis,” which spans the period between the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book series and 2011’s Flashpoint
  • “The Flashpoint,” which was characterized as the current era of DC’s output.

There’s mention in the article about DOOMSDAY CLOCK finishing in December and how that “might formalize a new continuity for the company’s comic book universe” but I doubt that, for reasons given in my post a couple of weeks back.

There are vague rumours of something big happening next year – could it be a company wide crossover that results in time resetting again (ZERO HOUR, anybody?) and introducing the new timeline? I wonder if they’ll go down that route given Didio’s quote from the Hollywood Reporter article:

“We’re starting to figure out how continuity works,” DiDio said about the process, noting that reboots and complicated retcons are what happens when “things stop making sense.”

Wait, you’re only just NOW figuring out how continuity works?

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