Mash-Up #199 Dr Strange and Justice League Detroit

Long time readers will know of my affection for Justice League Detroit, a much maligned iteration of the League from the early to mid 80s. Sure, they had some problems, but I still like those folks. And throw in Dr Strange and who knows what might happen.

3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #199 Dr Strange and Justice League Detroit

  1. Nice cover, but I’ll never get the love some fans such as yourself had for that version of the JL, if you can even call that a Justice League. It’s like if all of a sudden you had players from the minors or support players all of a sudden being elevated to the pros. Just didn’t look right no matter how much Conway tried.


    1. Yeah, I know what you mean – even the first big adventure against the Overmaster who was supposedly capable of launching extinction level events didn’t really feel big enough of a threat for the League. But despite it all, I still like those guys.

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      1. Well, someone has to 😉 If nothing else, Vixen came out of all that and she went on to be bigger than she initially was in the eyes of readers.


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